3-5 July 2020
Gallery 2019


Interviews? More information?

Please contact executive manager
Alexandra Lönnström, +358 440 790340, email baltic.jazz@kimitoon.fi
or artistic director
Antti Sarpila +358 400 501702, email antti.sarpila@co.inet.fi

Press images?

Please contact Executive Manager Alexandra Lönnström, baltic.jazz@kimitoon.fi, for press images.


It’s allowed to photograph at all concerts.

Festival Magazine 2019


You can accredit easy by sending an email baltic.jazz@kimitoon.fi. Please remember to include following information to your message:

  • the name of the media you work for
  • your full name
  • your contact information
  • contact information to your managing editor
  • contact information to your editorial office

Please send your accreditation request by 3 July 2019 at the latest.

You will receive your press pass from festival office at your arrival to festival. The pass grants you free entrance to all our concerts.

Festival Office

The festival office can be found in Hulta Daghem, Hertsbölevägen 3 25900 Dalsbruk. You can enjoy a cup of coffee or tea, or some snacks at the office as well.

Opening hours: 9-17

tel. +358 440 790340